As of the 2023 summer season, Moraine Lake rd will be closed for all personal vehicles due to safety concerns and negative visitor experience. Anyone who visits Moraine Lake or Lake Louise regularly knows that these changes were coming, and we are not surprised; moreover, we are satisfied.

Approximately 5000 vehicles a day were turned away from the Moraine Lake road versus approximately 900 vehicles a day that could drive up to the lake (2022 statistics by Parks Canada). This causes disappointment and frustration for many visitors. As Banff Wedding Photographers who visit Moraine Lake and Lake Louise regularly, we witnessed disturbing scenes between tourists and park officers and between tourists and amateur photographers fighting for the best spots to watch a sunrise. Not even to mention creating dangerous situations like pedestrians walking in the middle of the road without any safety precautions. That had to stop!

The new rules disappoint some people, but is it really bad? Anyone who wants to visit Moraine Lake or Lake Louise to watch sunrise or sunset or to go for a hike will be able to find alternative transportation approved by Parks Canada as such:
– Parks Canada Shuttle
– Roam Transit
– Commercial Transportation Provider

Even those planning to start hiking during the night before the first available shuttle will be able to find their way to get to the lake. Impossible is nothing.

Moraine Lake is a spectacular place. We are excited to share our experience with anyone who wishes to have an engagement or pre- or after-wedding session at this unique location. Despite the Moraine Lake road closure, we keep offering spectacular sessions at one of the most iconic locations in the world!

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