Mountain Weddings captured by Banff Wedding Photographers

Mountain weddings are unique for many reasons; they include breathtaking views and fresh air and allow communing with nature. There is something magical about the mountains as they attract many couples willing to celebrate their love.  

What is so special about the mountains?

The mountains allow us to breathe, stop and adore the beauty of nature, and take a break from the rush and busy modern life. In the mountains, we can focus on our loved ones and truly enjoy ourselves – they connect us.  

“People are drawn to things that are bigger than they are—and mountains are more powerful and more omnipresent than humans are. Humans like a reminder of how the powerful Earth is.” – Paul Piff, Ph.D.,

Why should you consider mountain weddings?


The stunning view is the apparent reason why couples choose to exchange their vows in the mountains. From intimate elopement at the top of the mountain to a more extensive outdoor ceremony in the Canadian Rockies – each scenario is an excellent opportunity for your photographer to create unique artwork with the mountain backdrop. 

All the seasons in the mountains have their beauty and mystery. Fall, winter, summer, and spring are equally impressive and breathtaking. Colourful larches during fall, mighty mountains covered with snow and ice in the winter, turquoise lakes in summer, blooming flowers and trees in refreshing spring – we all have that favourite season that takes our breath away each time. 


2. Amazing photo opportunities 

Getting married in the mountains is always a great idea as the views never disappoint. It is guaranteed that you will have a mountain background in your wedding photographs. The higher you climb, the more stunning photos you get. If you are adventurous persons, consider eloping at some easily accessible locations such as Minnewanka Lake so you can invite your family members and close friends. After the intimate ceremony, go for a sunset hike with your fearless photographers to capture unique wedding portraits at the top of the mountain.

That is fine if you can not imagine your wedding day without a grand party. The Canadian Rockies has many unique and fancy venues to make your dream come true. Here are some of our favourites that we highly recommend.

They all have a space for an outdoor ceremony where you can tie the knot and still have mountains in the background. 

The other option we, as Banff Wedding Photographers, offer is a full wedding day at the venue location plus a hiking adventure for your portraits after your wedding day. In this case, you do not have to stress on your wedding day and plan an additional time for your portraits as you will climb the mountain any other day with peace of mind, have fun and get fantastic photographs. 


3) Extraordinary experience

Exchanging the vows in such a beautiful location like Banff, Kananaskis Country, Canmore, and beyond will be something you will never forget. Not only can you be closer and more connected with your partner and your quests in such surroundings, but the views are to die for. You can create memories that last forever!

Are you ready to discuss your dreamy wedding in the mountains? We offer excellent packages for mountain lovers who want to be part of our adventures in the Canadian Rockies. 

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