Engagement photos are just perfect opportunities to capture your love in the frame. If you are reading this post - you are probably already engaged or started thinking of asking the big question soon. 4Eyes Photography team would like to present a few tips and ideas for your dreamy engagement photoshoot. From what to wear, where to go and to how to pose.

What to wear on your engagement shoot?

The most important thing for you and your photographer is that you look gorgeous, but at the same time feel comfortable and confident – not being stressed that your clothes are too tight, too short or too large. Consider picking up something that you have worn or tried on before to avoid surprises.  

Formal or casual?

We believe that dressing up for your love celebration is the way to go. Remember that your engagement photo session is a special moment, and you deserve to shine!

However, if you feel that wearing a long dress or a suit does not match your personality, skip it and consider nice casual outfits.

Location is important.

Before you choose the closest park in your neighborhood for your engagement shot, keep in mind that the view behind you will reflect on your photography. As we live in such a beautiful place in the world, so close to the Canadian Rockies, we believe that taking advantage of these majestic spots is a great choice. Although cities also offer a vast and dynamic selection of incredible locations for unique photoshoots.

Hot Spots in Banff National Park


Hot Spots in Kananaskis Country


Hot Spots in Calgary


When is the best time of the day for an engagement photoshoot?

The best time of the day for taking any photographs are  –  a golden hour and a blue hour.  The golden hour occurs every day when the sun is pretty low on the sky. It happens one hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset. At this time, light is warm, soft and directional, which is helpful for photographers to create magical photos. We can observe the blue hour approximately 30 – 40 minutes before sunrise or 30-40 minutes after sunset. During this period of the day, the color of the sky has a deep and gorgeous blue hue.

To pose or not to pose?

4Eyes Photography loves to capture candid moments. Our goal during each photo session is that our customers feel relaxed and have fun with us. To achieve our goal, we do not pose as most of the time it creates tension and fake facial expression. Instead of posing, we give some tasks to complete and directions on what to do during the photoshoot. 


Category: Posts • 14 May 2021