Elopement during pandemic with adventures wedding photographers? Why not?

Why not elope during Covid-19? If you and your partner feel like you do not want to wait until the whole world will open up again and do not want to take the risk of losing your deposits while booking vendors needed for your big wedding ceremony, you should consider an elopement. Elopements are very popular during these difficult times and all the restrictions that we are facing.   Many engaged couples decide to say “I do” and celebrate their love as much as they can at this moment.

There is more than one reason to elope. Elopement is a magical and beautiful experience as you can focus on each other and be more authentic. There is no pressure, no stress or anxiety – only two of you and possibly a few members of your family and friends. You can focus on what matters, meaningful interaction between the two of you with no distractions.

How to elope?

Planning an elopement is easy, simple and not time-consuming! There are only a few things that you have to remember, which are:  – find an authorized officiant who will be able to perform your ceremony and sign all the documents; – choose your witnesses (it might be your photographer); – choose a date, and your dreamy location; – invite a few quests (if you wish); – hire a photographer who will capture all the special moments;

Locations for your elopement

4Eyes Photography team can help you to find your dreamy location in the Rocky Mountains and area.

Easily accessible mountain location

One of the most popular spots for elopements is Moraine Lake in Banff National Park. Gorgeous, unique turquoise and quiet lake in the Valley of the Ten Peaks is usually available for tourists from mid-June to Thanksgiving weekend – depending on the weather and road conditions.

As mountain lovers spending every free time hiking, we can say with no doubt that Banff National Park and the area is our second home.

We have been at Moraine Lake hundreds of times, and we know every single rock up there. It is one of our favourite locations for a photoshoot as the lake never disappoints us. To avoid a crowd, we would suggest getting there before sunrise and start your ceremony along with the first sun rays.

When we shoot up there, we cannot miss the opportunity to stop by Lake Louise as it is pretty close to Moraine Lake. We can consider Lake Louise as a second location for an after-wedding session when the first emotions that accompany you during the ceremony settle down.

It might be a good option for you to stay in Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise resort to celebrate your love. Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise is a luxury, heritage resort that is open all year long.

Not only Moraine Lake or Lake Louise are excellent locations for elopement. The beautiful Rocky Mountains give us plenty of unique places where you can exchange your vows. Minnewannka Lake, Two Jack Lake, Bow Lake, Tunnel Mountain are also stunning and breathtaking – they are all accessible during wintertime.

Another lovely place for elopement is Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park. This location would be just perfect if you wish to capture your “getting ready time” at Emerald Lake Resort. Emerald Lake Lodge offers cozy cabins where you could celebrate your Big Day. These cabins on the side of the lake with exceptional mountain views give us a unique combination to create stunning photos.

We could have written about the locations at least for a few more pages, but let us quickly mention the majestic Maligne Lake and Maligne Island in Jasper National Park.  Maligne Lake is a glacier lake located about 40 minutes drive from Jasper.

Now let us move straight to another excellent elopement idea which is adventurous hiking sessions.

Hiking adventurous elopement:

If you and your partner are mountain lovers like we are, we could be a great match. Hiring an adventurous officiant – Cole – who enjoys hiking and willing to climb the mountain with us would be a fantastic idea. Together we could get the best receipt to provide an incredible adventure and unique ceremony that you will never forget. If you decide that hiking is an encouraging option for you, we will be able to suggest terrific mountain locations. We know plenty of supreme trails, from easy through moderate to hard ones in Kananaskis, Banff National Park and beyond. We can also arrange a night hike and reach the peak of the mountain before sunrise.

Close your eyes, take a minute and try to imagine how perfect that day could be. Hiking for a few hours in darkness and then exchanging your vows on the top of the mountain during magical sunrise. Wow! What a great scenario! What a great love story! You will remember that day forever. Also, showing stunning photos from your entire journey to your friends and family will make them feel like they were there with you and right beside you. We will capture the best moments of that adventure, including hiking, climbing, kayaking or anything you could think of.

Heli Elopement:

If you don’t feel like spending hours hiking or climbing the mountains, but you wish to get married at the top of the mountain or glacier, perhaps you may consider a Heli elopement. It is a little bit pricier than hiking elopement, but you can reach your dreamy destination quickly. Most heli companies offer all year round flights so you can plan it according to your personal preferences. One thing you have to keep in your mind is the weather. It would help if you remembered that the pilot might not fly to some locations due to the weather conditions or call ‘no-fly day.’

We will use a wide angle lens to shoot your ceremony and the time you spend in the helicopter during your romantic elopement. To us, it sounds like an irresistible temptation for adventure lovers.

No matter what option you feel comfortable with, 4Eyes Photography is here for you to provide a fantastic, positive and unforgettable experience you deserve!

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