Corie and Brett contacted us to redo their elopement photos as their original ones taking by a different photographer on the actual elopement day were lost. We can imagine how devastating that can be, so we decided to do our best to make them happy. The photoshoot was supposed to take place at Moraine Lake, which was the original elopement location.

Thanksgiving weekend was the last one that Moraine Lake was accessible for tourists before winter shut down. We felt fortunate and honored to had a chance to shoot such a fantastic couple. It was a great way to finish the summer season at this spectacular location.

As Moraine Lake is close to Lake Louise, we decided to shoot in both locations for various outcoming photos. We met at the gas station in Lake Louise (apparently, that gas station is becoming a muster point for meeting our couples 😊, and we drove to Moraine Lake together. We decided that a better idea would be traveling in one vehicle as parking spots at both locations were very limited at this time of year.

The weather was not perfect that day. Dark clouds covered the sky with little flurries. Lack of sun did not cause any problems as we wanted to create a dramatic atmosphere in the photos anyway. First, we headed to Moraine Lake. The nearness of the mountains and turquoise lake always make us unforgettable impressions. We did not have to struggle with the crowd, so the session was quick and efficient. After approximately 30 minutes, we drove to Lake Louise to take a few more photos. Lake Louise never lets us down, no matter what time of the day or year.

The session, despite the bad weather, was very successful. We wish to mention that it was the first time in our professional carrier to shoot the groom in traditional Scottish outfit. The entire day was memorable and valuable experience for us.

Thank you, Corie and Brett!

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Category: Posts • Author: darkx93 • 18 October 2020