Have you ever dreamt about a stunning photo session in majestic scenery? Are you one of the adventurous couples who love mountains, appreciate nature’s beauty, and enjoy hiking?

If that sounds like something you and your partner would like to experience, you should probably consider an Adventure Photo Session in the mountains.

What is an Adventure Session?

Adventure Mountain Session is one of the best ways to celebrate love for each other.  Many couples choose to go for an adventure session to capture their unique connection and passion in environments they truly appreciate. Adventure sessions are not regular photo sessions. It is a combination of exploring epic places, celebrating love for each other, admiring breathtaking views, and having all those great moments documented by professional photographers.  

What do you need to know about Adventure Session?


Many amazing places on the earth are worth considering for unique photo sessions, and definitely the Canadian Rockies are one of them. The UNESCO World Heritage – Canadian Rockies is 1,460 km (910mi) long and 180 km (110mi) wide with more than 50 peaks, giving us plenty of fantastic options to choose from.  

The most popular spots are:

4Eyes Photography is familiar with less popular and crowded locations in the Canadian Rockies, giving a chance to be even closer with nature. Let’s chat and find out what works best for you!


Whether you are planning a long adventure or just a short hike in the Canadian Rockies, it is crucial to bring proper equipment and clothing.

Essential things to remember:

  • Bear Spray

Hopefully, you will never have to use bear spray, but when entering the Grizzly and Black Bears home, there is a good chance to see them.  Like most wildlife, bears prefer to avoid people, and as long as you keep a safe distance and respect them, you will be fine!

  • Hiking boots
  • Sun protection
  • Headlamp
  • Water and snacks
  • Trekking poles
  • Proper clothes and sunglasses

Weather in the mountains is unpredictable and might surprise us. Just in case, pack in your backpack a warm sweater and rain jacket.

  • Snowshoes during wintertime

Timing is important

Usually, time is a factor. Shooting in the best lighting conditions is crucial in Photography. Golden hour occurs when the sun is close to the horizon.  This magical lightning condition is pretty short; that is why we always suggest starting your adventure a little bit earlier to make sure that we are on the top of the mountain on time. Prepare everything you need a day before and enjoy your adventure on an actual day with no rush or stress. 

4Eyes Photography is a wife and husband team. Every mountain adventure photoshoot makes us very excited as we both are mountain lovers. Always willing to enjoy mountain hikes with the company of amazing couples. We love capturing candid moments of people in love and telling their unique stories through stunning images. If you would like to have lots of fun in the mountains and get remarkable photos, please get in touch with us.

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