Wedding Photography Tips

Planning a wedding is both super exciting and might be pretty stressful for most brides and grooms. After all, it is one of the most important days in your life, and you wish that day to be perfect. Every bride and groom carefully selects all the details, putting effort into choosing the ideal vendors and venue location. But all that lasts from the wedding day are the moments, feelings and unforgettable memories captured by your wedding photographers.

Hiring knowledgeable and professional photographers is vital to receive good quality photographs that can bring a big smile to your face each time you wish to go back to how you felt that day. There are a few steps that every bride and groom should keep in mind while planning a wedding that will bring your photographs to the next level.

1) Plan enough time for each section of the wedding day

Creating a reasonable timeline is a challenging job, and it is something that your wedding planner knows best. Hiring a wedding planner will reduce stress and allow you to enjoy the wedding day truly. It is crucial to create a good timeline for getting ready, first look, portrait session, bridal party, ceremony, family session, dinner, first dance, cake cutting etc.

2) Limit your locations

The last thing you want on your wedding day is to waste time travelling from Point A to Point B. Take the most of your day and limit your photo shoot locations. In this case, you give your photographers a chance to focus on you, explore the area and be creative. Professional wedding photographers will take amazing photos at any location, using their skills, creativity, flashes and equipment.

3) Photography is all about the light and shadows

Lightning in photography plays a crucial role. Skilled wedding photographers know how to operate with natural and artificial light. Remember that more lights at your indoor venue location are better for your pictures. Working with flashes requires photography skills and knowledge of the manual settings of cameras. Ensure your wedding photographers has enough knowledge on how to operate flashes – just in case there is not enough ambient light.

4) The best time to shoot outdoor

Golden hour is what all photographers look for during portrait sessions. Golden hour occurs one hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset. This is a magical time when Mother Nature creates soft light, perfect for stunning artwork.

5) Consider enforcing the Unplugged Wedding

An unplugged wedding is when guests are asked not to use their cameras, cellphones or other devices to take photos. An unplugged ceremony allows the guest to focus on what is essential at this moment – you and your love. The other significant reason from a photographer’s perspective is that the guest can ruin your “winning photos” by jumping in front of the camera. You spent lots of time and money choosing and hiring professional photographers and deserve perfectly captured moments from your Big Day.

6) Incorporate gadgets

Gadgets might be exciting additions to your wedding photographs. Confetti, bubbles, flower petals, sparkles, long rice, long vail, the list can go on! An extra touch to your photos is always a good idea, and it will create excitement and lots of laughs from you and your guests.

7) Ignore Wedding Photographers

Please ignore your wedding photographers most of the time during your Big Day. Trust us, the best photos are taken when you truly enjoy your Big Day, and focus on your partner, family and friends. Don’t worry about the presence of the photographers; by the end of the day, we will become your friends with cameras!

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